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A message from the President of Europe Etudes

Europe Etudes, the best Junior-Enterprise in the Grand-Est region, has been supporting you in your projects for almost 50 years. Because our vocation is to create mutually beneficial synergies between our two entities, it is really important for us to work alongside you.

Our team is made up of 44 excellent students committed to the values ​​of our structure: expertise and professionalism, innovation and international openness are our priority. We are therefore a dynamic student consulting firm working with all types of clients in France and internationally. We support you in your project with quality services, and do everything to meet your expectations.

Our procedures, which are both solid and flexible, allow us to adapt our methodology and our support to each of your projects in a process of optimal satisfaction. At Europe Études, the quality approach is at the heart of our concerns. The continuous improvement of our processes and perpetual adaptation have been the engines of our success since our inception. ISO 9001 certified and among the 30 best Junior-Enterprises in France out of 180 for the 5th consecutive year, Europe Etudes is a Junior-Enterprise whose excellence will serve the success of your projects.

Founded in 1972, our structure is also an experienced Junior-Enterprise; today it has a large network of former junior entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds, all driven by a desire to pass on, and whose dynamism contributes to the quality of our work.

Calling on Europe Etudes to support you means trusting a team of 44 motivated, involved and eager to go above and beyond to satisfy you. It also means benefiting from an innovative and unprecedented point of view supported by the support of our partners, teacher-researchers and training professionals. Finally, trusting us also means ensuring that you deliver deliverables of professional quality thanks to the expertise that we cultivate from mandate to mandate, in accordance with our commitments to continuous improvement.

Because we know the investment you put in your projects and how important they are to you, we will be able to put all the chances on your side to ensure your success. Trust us !


Opportune Lamare
Cyrine Sabeur
External Vice-President
Valentin Mathieu
Internal Vice-President
Marie Saunier
Eva Gonçalves

Commercial pole

Alexis Barau
Business Development Manager
Inès Carrasco
Business Development Co Manager
Eddie Blanchet
Business Developer

International pole

Esther Maccario
Responsible of International Development
Tanguy Mazurier
Business Developer

Communication pole

Audrey Huguel
Responsible of Communication
Ronan Le Moal
Community Manager

Quality/audit department

Marie Perrin
Responsible of the quality department
Charlotte Champon
Responsible of the audit department
Filipa Martins
Co-responsible of quality
Olivia Busuioc
Quality Manager
Elliot Ernst
Quality Manager

Human resources pole

Lisa Lucas
Responsable ressources humaines

Consulting department

Reda Amajout
Responsible of consulting department
Luc Dauzat
Alexandre Gueguen
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