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Europe Etudes is the Junior Enterprise of the EM Strasbourg Business School. It is one of the 12 associations of the school; it works like a marketing office and make for extern clients market launch and satisfaction studies. The association is composed with students of the school who are divided in different poles (commercial, communication, quality, international, account , humain ressources) . We also prospect our clients, coordinate and realize studies and maintain a good communication with them all through the process. It makes  Europe Etudes a really interesting work experience which is a real asset on the CV of our members.

What’s more, our Junior is part of the national movement of Junior enterprise (CNJE) which dispense a lot of formations with our national and regional congress. It is a good way to meet recruiters.




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Pôle International


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Available missions

Mission 15


  • Nous cherchons 4 enquêteurs
  • Référencement de 125 sites internet
  • du 20/03 au 14/04

Mission 15


  • Nous cherchons 1 chargé d'étude
  • Analyse des résultats + Rapport
  • du 20/03 au 14/04


Mystery operations

When our customers want to check and verify the …

Product launches

Studying the feasibility of projects is one of our…

Satisfaction studies

What would be a good marketing strategy without the study …

Market studies

We offer to measure, analyse and understand the functioning …

Image Study

No good commercial development is made without an effective communication.

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Europe Etudes' blog


1.What is the mission of the JE ?

The missions that European Studies offer are comparable to temporary contracts and can take two forms:

– Administering questionnaires: face-to-face, by phoning (by telephone), stores readings grids … accessible to all students of EM Strasbourg. This is the position of Investigator

– the analysis of questionnaires and the writing of a report, accessible to students in the 2nd and 3rd year. This is the position of the manager of study.

These missions can last from days to weeks and provide access to compensation awarded by the Junior Enterprise.

All our investigators and study managers are accompanied and monitored by a member of Europe Etudes, called Project Manager.

For investigators, the junior enterprise provides a database and the pitch of the questionnaire. Calls for phoning missions can be passed in the office of JE.

2. I realised a mission, when will I get paid ?

The Junior Enterprise pays compensation to students who participated in a mission upon receipt of the customer’s payment. Delays can sometimes be long, because the analysis phase following the administration of questionnaires can take several weeks.

To know more precisely the sation period of remuneration, refer to your Project Manager (Member of Europe Etudes) who can provide information.

3.How to apply for a job ?

To apply for a job, you must be a student of the EM Strasbourg and contributor to Europe Etudes! The constitution of your file requires the following documents:

-Photocopy of student card

– Photocopy of ID

– Photocopy of health insurance card

– Check for 16 €

– Bank details

If your application corresponds to the desired profiles, you will be received in maintenance (5-10 minutes) with the project manager (member of European Studies) and HR manager of the JE.

4.Comment rejoindre l'équipe d'Europe Etudes ?

Each year, the Junior Enterprise recruits members in all divisions: Commercial, Communication, HR, International, Quality for terms of 2 years.

If you are interested in the Junior Enterprise experience, a true accelerator of your professional skills, you can contact us at infos@europe-etudes.com or to visit us in the office, just across the EM’Bassade at – 1!

5.Are the members of Europe Etudes muscled ?

Stop by our office (opposite the EM’Bassade to -1) to check it out!

Contact us

Besoin d’un renseignement sur nos activités, une mission, le recrutement ?

Vous pouvez nous envoyer un message via le formulaire ci-joint ou bien passer nous voir dans notre bureau, en face de l’EM’Bassade au niveau -1.

Europe Etudes
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