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A qualitative process

Concerned with ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, we ensure a continuous monitoring of your request. Thus we carry out a double check in order to validate the good progress of your study. Our certification of ISO 9001 standard attests to qualitative management within our structure.

International opening

Located in the European capital and on the border with Germany, our structure enjoys a strong international outlook. Thanks to a pool of international students and bilingual members, Europe Etudes continues to expand internationally by offering services in German, English and Spanish, but also in other languages.

Experience and expertise

Founded in 1972, Europe Etudes is one of the pioneering Junior Enterprises of the movement in France. This seniority has enabled us to cultivate our know-how, reinforced by our strategic orientation committee made up of our former members.


Supervised by the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises our Junior is audited every year on all of its processes and studies. Proactive and dynamic, we are committed to contacting you within 24 hours.


Our youth is also an asset because it allows you to benefit from a work at the cutting edge of innovation. With a capacity for renewal and perpetual improvement, our students apply the theoretical knowledge acquired and ensure you have a modern and qualitative deliverable.

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