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In “Junior-Entreprise”, the interlocutors often hear the term junior. At EM Strasbourg, we are serious. A Junior-Enterprise is a place of entrepreneurship within the framework of a structure with procedures, budgets, teams… Subject to the requirements of professionals, confronted with their level of requirement, the student members of the Junior-Enterprise have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired during their career.

Beyond the students, the Junior-Enterprise allows a co-creation of value with two other stakeholders: The client companies benefit from the dynamism and the most advanced skills of the students. They also benefit from an always important freshness in the context of new projects.

EM Strasbourg benefits from the influence offered by the Junior-Entreprise and from student feedback. The feedback from students in the field is a factor for adaptation and continuous improvement in teaching. For all these reasons and many others that we invite you to discover, EM Strasbourg is fully alongside Europe Etudes, « its » Junior-Entreprise.
In order to successfully complete all of its studies, Europe Études can count on several prestigious partners to support it on a daily basis. Among our premium partners, we obviously find our School, EM Strasbourg, which supports us, as well as our CNJE partners: EY, ALTEN and ENGIE.

We are also delighted to benefit from the collaboration with the JES (Junior-Entreprises Strasbourgeoises). Without forgetting those who support us: Amaris, FDV Partner, JCI, Alsace Digitale, PSI Junior – Entreprise, Groupe C.B.S.A, Reconessens, Keyrus Management, Pumpkin and Mantu.
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