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Europe Etudes, the Junior-Entreprise of the Strasbourg School of Management, is a student consulting firm. Building on our 48 years of expertise, our place within the circle of the 30 best Junior-Enterprises in France gives us the opportunity to work with all types of clients in France and internationally.

Indeed, we support entrepreneurs in their business creation projects while providing innovative solutions to SMEs and large groups in solving their marketing issues. Certified by the ISO 9001 standard since May 2018, we provide you with qualitative monitoring of your projects.

Our structure is administered by 30 Junior Entrepreneurs from the Grande Ecole Program (PGE) of EM Strasbourg. The theoretical knowledge acquired during the course of each member is put into practice on a daily basis to manage and develop Europe Etudes.

Our commitments

In order to ensure a good relationship between the Junior-Enterprise and the companies, Europe Etudes is committed to :

→ Call you back within 24 hours in case of spontaneous contact.
→ You will receive a commercial proposal within 72 hours after the first appointment.
→ To keep you regularly informed of the progress of the study.

What is the CNJE?

Founded in 1969, the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises is a movement aiming to supervise, train and promote almost 200 French Junior-Enterprises.

In order to carry out its actions, the CNJE relies on its partners, its quality labels, and the implementation of annual audits-consultancy within each structure.

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